07. aug - Together with the PHP masters from Bosstech a new collaboration project has been launched. Proudly presenting the web site of BM Foto, one of the biggest and largest photo and video gear provider in Serbia and wide. The site is huge, striving to become one of the most popular photo destinations for anyone interested in this.

12. may - We've done a redesign of our client's website. A new XHTML and CSS2 version of Jeep Commerce website is finally online. We love the way it turned out - nice, clean and corporate.

28. mar - We were working hard to do a redesign of one of our client's sites, Click4Fone, and as we speak - it's online. This is one really beautiful site we've created, and it's worth seeing. Also, we're working on the redesign of Marakana. Come back to see this one too.

12. jan - One more small site done for our abroad clients. Global Telecom Services is online, and we just love the color scheme... It's so natural and refreshing!

28. jul - This is not just another announcement, no. It's a announcement that a website of The Keating hotel, from San Diego, which has been throughly designed by a famous Italian design firm Pininfarina, has been launched! This baby it going to be huge, especially because a Flash version is also being developed, while the HTML has seen the light of day. So, click the link and enjoy!

09. may - Another small redesign job for our clients across the Atlantic Ocean. Take a look at the International Telecall web site. We think it's kinda kool, don't you?

24. jan - Finished the latest project for our USA clients, check out the Telecom USA web site. It's nice, sleek and most of all - orange. Nice color, ain't it?

03. sep - Ok, our biggest challenge yet, Jeep Commerce web site has been launched. As promised, client did get fluid column CSS layout, with valid CSs and Double-A WAI conformance, but no HTML validation, because of use of Flash in the site. Neverless, this is one cuite worth seeing. Check it out!

20. aug - Started the project of redesigning a web site for Belgrade metallurgy company - Jeep Commerce. This project will be completely designed via CSS files, fluid in columns and will go through CSS, HTML 4.01 and WAI AA validations. We're confident we will make this baby work!

9. mar - Once again a project for abroad client has been finished. Feel free to check out the site we did for iTalkMobile, it's clean, simple and nice. For the next few weeks we will be concentrating on 15 Minutes Pictures web site.

14. jan - Starting fresh in 2005. Two projects currently in the workshop. A internet telephony project, called iTalkMobile and a web site for Serbian movie guerillas, called 15 Minutes Pictures. Both of them are on their way, and will hopefully be online by mid or end of March.

13. dec - The newest site for one of our trusted clients has been finished. Call ICCI is uploaded and working fine, so check it out. It's a nice piece of small ASP / database project, but nontheless it's worth a visit. Meanwhile we also redesigned BIS Inter.net web site. It's our city's biggest and fastest internet provider, and also a daughter company of Božić i sinovi.

18. oct - We have successfully launched the newest version of Božić i sinovi site. We have been redesigning and updating this baby for quite a while and this one is the most recent. Also, their VFX Studio and Project Bureau have got the new design. Check them out!

20. aug - We did a web site for Click4Fone. Freshly changed and redesigned, so do check it out. Unfortunately all these projects and few more really delayed the release of designersnetwork's version 4.

28. apr - IP Dish is launched. Check out this refreshed and redesigned baby. We hope this won't delay the launch of version 4 of designersnetwork which is scheduled for the mid July.

08. apr - Two major project barged in. First is the redesign of IP Dish web site. Both projects will take some time and delay the long awaited version 4 of designersnetwor

07. mar - Started another redesign of our design portal - designersnetwork.org. This time, beside a slightly improved design, we are working on complete site upgrade to ASP technology, new content, new sections... Expect new version to be online in a month or so.

24. oct - We haven't been lazy, on the contrary. Newest release from ratkovićdesign is a web site for local fertilizing company, HIP Azotara. Check out, the whole site is done from asp technology, and entire content is changeable.

25. jul - It's holiday time and we are intensively working on a project for Gowi Group. The site is still under construction, but you can check out the test version of FirstActive web site here. Stay with us, we'll be back from holidays soon!

29. apr - Meanwhile, RD has been working on two more projects, website of xpose digital arts festival, a Božić & sinovi project and a small site of Water Creative, Gowi Group's project. This is the main reason the production ov RD v4 has been stopped for a while.

27. feb - Newest project for the Božić i sinovi - together with Touch The Screen, we are being involved in the project for web site of His Royal Highness Prince Tomislav Foundation. We will reveal more on this as the production goes on...

26. feb - Few portfolio news... Two sites have been finished. The new Božić i sinovi web site and the latest in our production for the Gowi Group - AV Presenter web site, for the application where ratkovićdesign was actively involved in it's both programming and design.

08. feb - So, we're all deep into the 2003, doing the hard design work... Version 3 of RD will be a little bit late, after all, we are crowded with work. So, what's actual - take a sneak peak to Silex web site. Don't mind the lack of content, this will be all covered up soon...

23. dec - Merry Christmas to all of you! We are glad you've been with us all the time and wish all of you and our associates a successful year - Touch The Screen, Božić & sinovi, Gowi Group ltd, Coolhomepages, Nayobe, Useless Flash, Dizajn Zona and many, many others...

21. dec - We haven't been updating our site, due to overload with work. The second, and perhaps more important reason to you is that we are preparing a version 3 of our web site. We hope this one will go off in January-February 2003. Stay tuned...

02.june - Finally... We've done it with lots of sweat and 24h work :) Newest version of designersnetwork is available - check it out kids!

08.july - ratkovićdesign is currently working heavily on the designersnetwork redesign and rearrangement. This baby of ours will soon be finished with loads of new content for designers.

21.may - Lake Of Contest launches! Take a look at this piece of work done for Solution Studios.

16.may - Our site won another design award, this time it's from Aliengamer.com. We appreciate it and hope that we will collect even more medals for our baby :)

10.may - ratkovicdesign starts a joint venture project with Solution Studios Group - the Lake Of Contest web site. We'll be working hard on this one the following weeks.

08.may - RD launches a pre-release of one of it's founder's web site - goxxy v4.0.

08.may - Our site won lots of awards in a week time. This time from Shock Pencil, Ieshu, Yimeng, Cool Web Sites and we were set as an example for web design on Webmaster Republic. Thanks everyone!

30.apr - A bit late with the news. Another award for RD, from F5D.net. Our site won the first prize on the Art-tech contest in the web design category and was also praised on e-ide@.

26.apr - Our humble web site won another design award, this time from VoxCafé. Thank you guys!

22.apr - On the 27th April RD will take part in a web design party, named Art-tech, being organised by our supporters Bozic & sinovi and Madnet in our home town, Pancevo. Come and join us!

18.apr - We got a business / partnership proposal from the big Swiss company, Solution Studios. Currently we are negotiating on partnership terms. We'll be delighted to become their partners.

15.mar - RD gets accepted at Coolwebdesign.dk! Another great award for our site from these cool guys.

14.mar - Another project of our own, Goxxy's v4.0 is on the way for 2 months already. We're not a long way from publishing online the preview version, but we'll let you know when the final version is done.

13.mar - If you are interested in link exchange with ratkovicdesign, mail us and we'll put you in the support space down right on our site. And you could put us on your site also :)

07.mar - Another project done for Gowi. Take a look at Catalyst Investment. Nice, sweep and neat.

21.feb - The Rubicon project has just been finished for the Gowi Group. Take a look at this cute corporate site here. Also finished is the Nayobe site that we've been doing for our US partners. Currently ratkovicdesign is working on a kick-a** high quality graphic web site for the Gowi Group Yugoslavia. At the moment the site is available only for the Gowi members and it's provisional test version will be announced here, at RD. You can expect only the best... For now, stay tuned, we'll be bringing you more of our stuff...

06.feb - RD started upgrading the yugoslav web design community together with DizajnZona and DNK.

16.jan - Few short news... We've commenced a partnership with eKaan™, an ebusiness company. We're also finishing few projects for Gowi, that will soon be officially launched. One more thing - online showoff is being prepared by RD and Touch The Screen. And a bit changed splash.

10.jan - Over with the holidays! And also with our new year's splash... Back to the boring work... :)

03.jan - RD finishes the test version of new Nayobe's site. Official launch will go soon...

23.dec - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from everyone at RD. Special season's greetings to Coolhomepages, Touch The Screen, Nayobe, Božić & sinovi, Gowi Group ltd and all our associates and ... Hope you'll have a very successful year.

20.dec - Madnet's web site launched. Check it out... But don't check out the test version anymore :)

18.dec - RD appears on Coolhomepages.com! A huge recognition from this international site!

13.dec - RD has been chosen as a design / develop partner for the Madnet, the first wireless internet provider in our home town, Pancevo. Test version is currently available here and the official site launch is planned for the next week.

29.nov - A test version of Rubicon web site is available here. Expect the official site launch soon...

21.nov - New mission... Beside making a web site for Silex, RD will also design/produce their CD ROM...

20.nov - designersnetwork launched, lots of interesting stuff for web designers and developers in Yugoslavia and nearby countries. Resources, design school, interviews, design theories, free services, etc... - go get it kids!

06.nov - RD negotiated with US company Nayobe on possible cooperation.

26.oct - With a little luck we'll be able to launch our new baby, designersnetwork, these days.

26.oct - Okay, boys and girls... Here it is - v2.0 of ratkovićdesign web site, just for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy the interactivity of the Flash, have fun and don't forget to check out our portfolio - It's probably a bit larger than the last time you were here... :)

20.oct - A small biz proposition from ICI. Hope we'll get the job from them soon! :)

07.oct - Another project in Gowi. RD gets the job and we are currently working on the mock-ups. URL of the test site version will be revealed in few weeks.

01.oct - RD negotiated with Yugoslav company Madison on possible promotion support for our new site - designersnetwork.

24.sep - We are connecting with a one-man-company - Touch The Screen, on possible cooperation and their support on designersnetwork project.

19.sep - Another (!!) project that RD got from Gowi. Rubicon corporation web site. Test version URL will be available soon.

04.sep - Our site has been down today :( Let's just hope this won't happen again... (sob, sob...)

27.aug - A test Flash file of RD v2.0 is currently available here... Comments?

13.aug - We're planning a re-design of our web site. Probably Flash and something new and interesting. As soon as we do something you will be noticed...

03.aug - Goxxy's on the vacation. Off to enjoy the beauties of life and all the duties are now on Bokkie... :)

23.jul - We have been playing with Flash a bit. Our results might be available online soon.

15.jul - A new project in Gowi - CompleteDance.com. RD has joined the competition in the mock up producing and our initial design has been accepted. From this moment we will be producing pages.

05.jul - RD gets a small business proposition from the belgrade's community clinic - we're still negotiating but i think we'll be getting the job in any kind - web consultancy, development of whatever...

26.jun - Bokkie on the vacation from today, so I guess I'll be swettin' my arse to make the designer's network live :) tough...

22.jun - Unfortunately, there is only the english version of the site :( we promise we'll give our best to make the serbian version live soon...

20.jun - New site is up, finally :)

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